Baffin Island 2007
Sam Ford Fiord
Sam Ford Fiord panorama, early May 2007.

In the spring of 1994 I skied with four friends from Pond Inlet to Clyde River as part of a longer journey. In 2007 John Dunn, Paul van Peenen, and I decided to re-visit this spectacular area, this time travelling in the opposite direction.

In 1994 the area was little known to the climbing community and had been visited by mountaineers only very few times. Since that time it has become somewhat 'popular'. This year Sam Ford fiord was almost busy with climbers, skiers, and BASE jumpers, as well as glaciologists. They came from at least the following countries: Canada, the USA, France, and the Netherlands.

Climbers may wish to refer to the guide to big walls published in Canadian Alpine Journal, Vol 79, 1996.

I have also posted more photographs and historical details on, the Canadian Mountain Encyclopedia.

Here is the LINK to a summary of our 2007 trip.

Access: We skied, hauling sleds with food for a six week journey, from Clyde River (Kangiqtugaapik) to Sam Ford fiord in about 8 days, via Ayr Lake and Revoir Pass.