Here's a youthful Sandy running a chromatography column in St Andrews, Scotland, around 1976.

Please check out the website of the chemistry department at the University of Victoria, Canada, where Sandy works as a Senior Instructor UVic Chemistry Department


Dr Sandy Briggs has not checked all the information on the following linked sites and makes no claim about the reliability of the sites' contents.

Visual Elements

Association of the Chemical Profession of British Columbia (ACPBC)

4000 Years of Women in Science

Great Women of Science

Women in Science, Engineering & Technology

Another link on women in science

List of famous Chemists

Centre for Science in the Public Interest (Canada)

The following four sites will help to protect you from the onslaught of charlatans:

Office for Science and Society (McGill University/ Dr Joe Scwarcz)

Professor Stephen Lower's great site about 'crackpot chemistry'

Michael Shermer's Skeptic Site

Quackwatch site

There seems to be a lot of useful information about science subjects on the Wikipedia site too.

Green Chemistry Homepage

Food Additives

Food Safety Network

How Stuff Works (Chemistry-related topics)